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A woman in a lab coat is examining through a microscope as part of her work for The Association of Canadian University Professors of Ophthalmology.


Explore the latest research in ophthalmology from our member universities.

Research Directors & Administrators

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Dalhousie University, Halifax_400.jpg

Dalhousie University, Halifax

Research director

Dr. Balwantray C. Chauhan, Ph.D. 

Research Manager

Leah Wood

+1 902 473-3751

McGill University_400.jpg

McGill University, Montréal

Research Director

Prof. Robert Hess

McMaster University, Hamilton_400.jpg

McMaster University, Hamilton

Research Director

Sarah Jane Mullen, MD


Senior Education Program Associate, Ophthalmology

Holly Hammell

University of Alberta, Edmonton_400.jpg

University of Alberta, Edmonton

Research Director

Dr. Mark Seamone, MD, FRCSC

Research and Development Coordinator

Rita Whitford


University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Research Director


Research Lab Manager

Eleanor To

+1 604 875-5531

University of Calgary, Calgary_400.jpg

University of Calgary, Calgary

Research Director

Dr. Feisal Adatia


Université Laval, Québec

Research Director
Patrick Rochette, PhD 

Clinical Research Assitant Director 

Ali Dirani, MD


Research Coordinator
Julie Mauger
+1 418 682-7511 poste 84486

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg_400.jpg

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Research Director

Dr. Michael Richards

Program Administrator

Sandy Rossman

+1 204 788-8599

Universite de Montreal_400.jpg

Université de Montréal, Montréal

Research Director

Dr. Sylvain Chemtob, MD, PhD

Research Coordinator

Annie Blais

+1 514 343-7094

University of Ottawa, Ottawa_400.jpg

University of Ottawa, Ottawa

Research Director

Rustum Karanjia, MD, PhD


Senior Manager, Vision Research Centre

Melanie Lalonde

+1 613 737-8519


University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Research Director

Dr Mones Masri


Research Manager

Lorrisa Budz


Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke

Research Director

Maude Anderson


University of Toronto, Toronto

Research Director

Rajeev Muni, MD


Research Manager

Mano Chandrakumar

+1 416 928-2132


Queen's University, Kingston

Research Director

Dr. Jacob Rullo, MD, PhD

Research Coordinator

Newton Duarte Filho

+1 613 544-3310

Western University, London_400.jpg

Western University, London

Research Director

Dr. Monali Malvankar-Mehta

Ivey Eye Institute

Patricia Cupit

+1 519 646-5642

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Research positions


Embark on a new research path

Take the next step in your academic career. ACUPO members are always on the lookout for bright minds with a passion for ophthalmology and guiding the next generation as they begin their journeys to a thriving profession.

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