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Our distinguished members are always on the cutting-edge of best practices in ophthalmology teaching and research. Here are the awards ACUPO attributes each year.




Leadership Award

ACUPO Leadership Award

Leadership development and contribution

ACUPO’s Leadership Award pays tribute to professors for their significant contribution and influence in pushing the boundaries of the field of ophthalmology further—for the benefit of other professors and students alike.

A group of ophthalmologists from Canadian universities sitting around a conference table.


ACUPO Early Academic Leadership Award Eligibility, Criteria, Nomination Process



This national award is granted to an early-career ophthalmologist (less than 10 years in active practice) who has made significant contributions to the academic mission for ophthalmology at their center prior to the current nomination period


Nominee must:

  • Be nominated by a faculty member from a Canadian academic center for ophthalmology Nominators can include the department/division Academic Chair or Clinical Chief. A nominee cannot nominate him/her/themself.

  • Have not received this award previously.

  • Be in good standing with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, their provincial regulatory body, with active membership in the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. The nominee must be in active practice and in compliance with all licencing requirements.



  • The value and impact of the candidate’s contributions rather than the office or title of position(s) held.

  • A demonstrated history of leadership and/or service contributions at an academic center for ophthalmology prior to the current nomination period.

    • Exceptions to this requirement are at the discretion of the Review Committee in cases where contributions are exceptional and extraordinary.

  • Leadership and service may be exclusively to a community, academic or clinical department, university more broadly, or a combination herein.

    • This breadth ensures that candidates whose contributions beyond their primary context are also appropriately recognized.

  • Contributions must be in one or more of the following areas and must directly impact the field of ophthalmology. The Nominator must clearly demonstrate concrete


examples of these to clearly convey the impact of the nominee’s leadership and volunteer contributions. o Actively promoting equity, diversity and inclusivity in ophthalmology within their primary context and more broadly;

  • Leadership on committees along with demonstrated influence on the delivery of ophthalmic services and/or education and/or research;

  • Sustained and/or high-impact volunteer service directly resulting in improved quality of life of patients, colleagues, learners, and/or support staff;

  • Inspiring and facilitating the personal and/or professional development of others within the profession, including learners.

  • Leadership and/or service directly facilitating the engagement of patients, colleagues, learners and/or support staff;

  • A clearly demonstrated commitment to advocating for the field of ophthalmology in positive and progressive ways.



The nominator should complete the Nomination Form in conjunction with the nominee.

Each nomination package must consist of the following:

  • Section A: Nominee Information, completed by the nominee

  • Section B: Nominator and Endorsement, completed by the nominator

  • Section C: Completed by the ACUPO Nomination Coordinator upon submission of form.


Do not attach resumes or any other supplementary material as these will not be considered. Only one nomination is allowed per nominee.


Nomination packages must be submitted electronically as one single pdf document with no additional attachments. Complete packages must be sent to the Nomination Coordinator; hard copies will not be accepted.


Nomination packages must be approved by the nominee and be received by the ACUPO Nomination Coordinator before the deadline, March 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm (EST). Submissions should be emailed to Late submissions will not be accepted.

Awards eligibility
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